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Do it for the snacks!

We are a group, so we have to dress up together. It’s not easy finding something with a large enough ensemble cast with a mystery theme, but I’ll do my best.
So, drum roll…we are going as The Scooby Doo Gang.
First off, the Doo family:
  • Scooby – Gary Phillips, for his love of donuts, which we know Scooby loves too.
  • Yabba – Reece Hirsch, the brave brother who solves crimes.
  • Scrappy – Josh Corin, the glib youngster of the group.
The Gang:
  • Shaggy – Michael Wiley, because I can see you in that green shirt, and I sense you can do the voice.
  • Velma – I decided to have an evil Velma and good one. Hilary Davidson, you get to be good Velma (you have that brainy science side, we know it) and Meredith Cole, you get to be evil Velma (mostly because Meredith it also techier than she looks, and she also has good Evil Velma boots).
  • Daphne – This one was a gimme. Who is the wild red head of our group? Gabrielle Herkert. But she has to be evil Daphne. If you knew her, you’d understand. If you don’t, you’d never believe me if I told you. Tracy Kiely gets to be good Daphne, because I bet she has a purple mini-skirt someplace and she totally has that hair flip thing down.
  • Fred – Graham Brown. Because he can accessorize, or he’d better learn by our upcoming Top Shelf in Tucson (wooden beaded necklace like Richard Hammond, don’t forget it!)
The Hex Girls is an eco goth band that shows up in a few episodes, which was lucky because I ran out of Scooby Doo main characters. Here are the Hex Girls:
  • Kelli Stanley, because she actually likes to sing.
  • Lois Winston, because she can make cool crafty goth costumes.
  • Sue Ann Jaffarian, she’s a shoo in with all her paranormal and vampire books.
  • Vicki Delany has a gothic side too.
Me? Either I’ll sneak in as an eco-goth roadie, or someone who would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!
Happy Halloween Week!
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