10 Best Invoicing Apps

Business can be all good with customers coming and going or making orders and having them delivered. However, the headache comes when you have to prepare an invoice. All those PDFs and spreadsheets start stressing you out, primarily if you work with clients worldwide, making currency conversion more like hell on earth. Consequently, you need an invoicing app to ease your work and give you a professional outlook. 


Unfortunately, there are hundreds of invoicing apps out there, and that’s another problem because settling on one might be the most challenging task around. This article aims to streamline your search and make a choice easy for you by sharing a list of the 10 best invoicing apps you can use today and henceforth.


  1. Deskera 

Deskera is billing and invoicing software that lets businesses, whether small or big, prepare professional-looking invoices fast and send them to clients in a matter of minutes. What’s more, the software has a phone app that allows one to share invoicing data in a matter of seconds. 

With Deskera, you have an overall picture of everything within your business, including your expenses, enabling you to trim them down and make your business more sustainable. Besides, the app has a ‘buy’ option through which clients instantaneously make orders. With the Deskera app, invoicing has never been easier, and those spreadsheets will stress you no more!


  1. Invoice2go

With close to 20 years in the market, Invoice2go has helped many businesses, agencies, and freelancers to handle billing and invoicing tasks with a lot of ease like no other app. Finance and invoice management, appointment scheduling, expense tracking, and sustainability tracking are some of the unique roles the app allows one to accomplish. 


Besides, the app provides users with the best organizational features, which is why entrepreneurs love it for invoicing activities and high-quality performance. 


  1. Freshbooks

Do you have a small business and have trouble handling your invoicing tasks? FreshBooks is the best invoicing app for you, which will make everything about billing easier. For instance, invoice customization is a task that’s part and parcel of businesses, and FreshBooks makes this possible for you and even helps you create and customize company logos. 


You can download the app for free, but using it requires you to have a user account which you pay $15 to $50 per month, depending on the features you would like to have. What’s more, the app has award-winning customer service and has an overall app rating of 4.8 out of 5.


  1. Agiled

Agiled is an all-encompassing app, suiting agencies, small businesses, and freelancers because of its great invoicing and billing properties. Installing this app makes invoicing effortless for the user since the app installation comes with many unique features. For instance, it has online payments, payment reminders, white labeling features, and invoice templates that guide if you don’t know how to about invoices. 


Moreover, it allows businesses to create multiple invoices, making it easier to handle recurring clients and tasks. Being a complete business app, you need not leave the app to track activities, create proposals, or manage projects, which come hassle-free.


  1. Zoho invoice

Zoho Invoice came into the market in 2008 and has been helping businesses and agencies get the billing and invoice generation solutions they need. It is one of the best apps, allowing clients to choose their preferred business gateway and handle invoicing tasks in a way that minimizes fraud. In addition, Zoho Invoice allows digital signing of documents; hence, it has eliminated the need for manual work. 


It has 14 languages, making communication easy, and its ability to handle 140 currencies makes it one of the best invoicing apps. You can download and use it for free, although you can subscribe to its three packages, with the highest charging $29 per month.


  1. PayPal

Without overemphasizing things, PayPal tops the list of invoicing apps and for every good reason. It is popular, thanks to its unique online billing abilities. A client can handle any billing and invoicing activity with the app and still make outside bill payments. It’s one of the safest apps, mainly because it sends you a notification whenever a transaction occurs. 


Some of its unique features include the Online Money Pool, which allows you to collect cash from friends and relatives. The QR code scanning feature, which checks invoices’ authenticity, and its ability to send money everywhere within the globe at any time instantly. 


  1. Freeagent

If you have a dreaded VAT and run a small business or are a freelancer. FreeAgent would be the best invoicing and billing app for you to handle your spreadsheets and PDFs. With the app, you can do everything from tracking expenses, creating recurring invoices, and sending your client’s invoice reminders when they are due. This is one of the most affordable apps that gives you all-in-one services with the most excellent convenience you will celebrate.


  1. Bookipi

Bookipi is an ideal invoicing app, especially for small businesses and freelancers. The app works with 180 countries and saves them time, effort, and hassles that make invoicing dreading. However, its users cherish it for many reasons, including its ability to save data on the cloud, export PDFs, manage client projects, and convert estimates into projects and invoices. Moreover, the app offers a robust customer service support system, responding to customer quests within 12 hours of posting them. 


  1. Xero

Businesses and agencies give Xero invoicing app hats off because of its great features, including the classic and new invoicing user interfaces. With this app, invoicing and billing have never been easier. You can easily handle aged receivables and payables, manage your fixed assets, and create balance sheets and income statements. Besides, if you need to coordinate with a bookkeeper or accountant, you can do it within the app and in real-time.


  1. Wave 

The Wave invoicing app was created in 2009 and has proved helpful to businesses, freelancers, and agencies to manage billing and invoicing tasks conveniently and fast. Many like the app because it comes freely and still offers every billing and invoicing feature you would need for your business. 


In fact, many especially appreciate the double-entry tool that you can take advantage of and backup data. Moreover, with just a click of the Invoice Status button, you can view your entire invoice conditions.


The bottom line

Businesses, agencies, and freelancers need invoicing apps to earn them a professional outlook and avoid the stress of manually managing invoicing tasks. The market has a lot to offer, but your business size, needs, and preferences inform your choice. 


Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness. 

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