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Mina Murray. Trying to enjoy the summer before her senior year of high school. Sensible, resilient, with a passion for jujitsu and Jonathan Harker. Intrigued by the dark side, but too grounded to embrace it. Maybe.

Jonathan Harker. In the summer after his freshman year of college. Interning at his friend Randy Renfield’s dad’s shipping company during the day. At night he likes to hang out with his girlfriend Mina and her best friend, Lucy.

Randy Renfield. Friend to Jonathan, ex-boyfriend to Lucy. Interested in the occult. Acting very strangely since a trip to Romania to help a mysterious Count pack his belongings for a move to New York.

Lucy Westenra. Turned into a party girl after her mother died nine months ago. Mina’s best friend since kindergarten. Maybe more than a friend to Jonathan?

Abe Van Helsing. Dutch premed student in his freshman year who draws Gothic comic books and is interning at Bellevue
Psychiatric Hospital. Very interested in a recently admitted patient and his beautiful visitors.

Count. 300 year old European vampire. Suave, silver-tongued, and deadly. Likes younger women. Much younger.