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iDrakula is a retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula using only text messages, emails, and web browsers.
Sort of. I also changed big parts of the story to make them more modern and because I thought it was cool.

iDrakula starts out with a text message on a phone. Like a lot of things.

Text message from Jonathan Harker to Mina Murray:


Renfield had a psychotic break

That leads to another text message…

Text message from Mina Murray to Lucy Westenra:

Which leads to an email kinda explaining things…

From: Jonathan Harker
To: Mina Murray
Subject: Renfield
Sent: June 11 9:02 PM


Here’s Mr. Renfield’s take on it:

>As I am sure you are aware, my son Randolph is indisposed.
>He was scheduled to fly to Bucharest tomorrow to meet with
>an important client. Can you go in his stead?
>The client requested you specifically, as Randolph
>apparently discussed you with him. The client was quite insistent.
>Although you are only a summer intern, I trust that we can quickly
>train you to carry out Randolph’s duties satisfactorily. As I’m sure
>you are aware, it is a wonderful opportunity for you.
>Please make your own flight arrangements and then fill out an expense
>report for reimbursement.

Then he rattled on like always. Indisposed? They hauled Renfield Jr.
past me screaming. He actually bit the head off a little gray mouse he caught
in the cafeteria.

Short version: I’m off to Romania tomorrow. First time out of the country by
myself. Wow, huh?

How could I say no to a free trip to Europe?

I’ll be stuck here in the cubicle catacombs until the middle of the night
getting ready.

Want to swing by my dad’s tomorrow and ride with me to the airport?

I know Renfield Jr. and Lucy haven’t seen each other in months, but somebody
should tell her what happened to him. I’m sure Renfield Sr. won’t.

Sorry I’ll miss your jujitsu tournament. You’ll just have to kick butt alone.



And before you know it, they’re all in trouble!