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Reviews are starting to come in. V.V would leave these mortals in peace…

“iFrankenstein is great fast-paced story that is so easy to read and get into. Once in the story, the unique modern twist of Frankenstein lures the reader deeper into the story. iFrankentein is all the rave when it comes to a plot that does not falter. iFrankenstein is great! I give it 4 BITES!” — Books with Bite

“I loved the way in which this story was told. It is probably one of the most unique and brilliant ideas I have ever seen. Texts, emails, online chats, and blog entries – yup, think of all the ways in which we communicate in this digital age, and you will find it in this book…I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to connect with any of the characters or the story because of this, but Bekka Black does such an amazing job of drawing you in through the character’s interactions with each other. It was exciting to read their messages and it really gave me a sense of who they are and the type of relationships they share with their friends…This book thrusts the classic Frankenstein story into the 21st century, making it an exciting read that will surely entertain readers of all ages, but more specifically those who are drawn to the technology found between the pages.” —Roxanne Kade

“The level of originality alone should put this book on must-read lists. Imagine, the entire Frankenstein story told through text, emails and tweets. It really is groundbreaking work…It’s a clever twist on the original, one which maintains the chilling atmosphere, and ups it, as this doesn’t seem as far-fetched in this modern world…The writing is fun, with many witty moments that balanced out some of the darker ones. This is definitely one that I recommend for those of you who love the original, or have never read it and would like to experience a modern version. A good choice for teen and adults alike.” — Carabosse’s Library 

“In the spirit of Halloween this week, iFrankenstein may arguably prove to be all the more chilling than Mary Shelley’s rendition due to its updated scenario and premise. While older crossover readers may have trouble following the text message conversations, the longer back-and-forth exchanges provided by emails continue to keep the readers’ attention with very readable style and voice.” — eBook Review

“Just in time for Halloween here’s a traditional monster in a totally new format. Frank’s entered the 21st century via your cell phone… Beware. A great book for young adults and adult readers interested in breaking out of the traditional bounds of the novel…Old legends in creative hands make for fun reading. There is something primevally satisfying about the tale of a member of humankind caught in the godlike act of trying to create a new life form.” — Judith Starkston

“The technology in this story is amazing and allows the reader a chance to experience it as if they are their along for the ride. Of course Victor didn’t know that he would end up with a bot that would gain too much information. Bekka gave us another insight of why social media can either be the fall or rise of each of us. V.V. was cool and even though he hacked into things his personality was spot on to any person who wanted someone to talk to. He had real feelings and saw what everyone was thinking about him with texts and emails, it even had me thinking this was a cross between Eagle Eye and WarGames, add this to your to-read list because you might want to rethink that facebook status.” — Silent T’s Book Blog

“A good, fun, and quick read. I prefer iDrakula to iFrankenstein in much the same way as I prefer Dracula to Frankenstein, but reading either book would be a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. I also can’t wait to see what classic Bekka Black will tackle next.” — CSI Librarian

“Once again, Bekka Black delivers a compelling and entertaining story told through the use of cell phone texts, emails, and chat messages. I really enjoyed the visual aspect of the book as well as the new take on the Frankenstein story. The story was fresh and always kept me guessing. I couldn’t put the book down, and I am definitely hooked on Bekka Black! Can’t wait to see what else she comes up with next.” — Read Our Lips

iFrankenstein takes the 1830′s story and launches it into the 21st century…It’s a wonderful nod to the original story…I definitely recommend this book. I feel it will inspire you to read the original if you haven’t already, and will totally change how you feel about technology and our dependance on it.” — Kiss My Lit

“Like iDrakula this too was impossible to put down till the very end. iFrankenstein is the modern techie take of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein…However from all the Frankenstein takes I have witnessed thus far, iFranktenstein is one of the most memorable one. I suppose if Frankenstein was a teenager in this time of era I imagine he too would be quite the genius and create a monster such as VV that lived in the internet. iFrankenstein is definitely something worth checking out if you haven’t already.” — The Nerd in Heels

iFrankenstein is uncommonly inventive and shrewd…As a sequel to iDrakula, iFrankenstein proudly ups the artistic stakes (no pun intended) by including snapshots of selected paintings and quotes. Just like with its iMonster predecessor, I had a thrilling time from beginning to finish with this visual roller coaster of dark, albeit scintillating amusement.” — Natalie Gorna, Equus Forever

“If you’re looking for fun, quick reads, check out Bekka Black’s iMonster series, They’ve made me look at the online world in a whole new way.” — Andrew Peterson, bestselling author of Option to Kill

iFrankenstein spins a refreshingly modern twist on the Frankenstein classic…with a virtual monster capable of controlling the world…wickedly good fun.” — Janice Gable Bashman, author of Wanted Undead or Alive, nominated for a Bram Stoker Award

“Creepy. Mysterious. Haunting. Bekka Black has created a modern masterpiece in this retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic.” — Jeannie Holmes, author of Blood Secrets