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What would happen if a homeschooled computer nerd named Victor Frankenstein decided to bring his own cyber-monster to life? iFrankenstein.

iFrankenstein is a classic story brought back to life using the language of today, what you can find on your cell phone: text messages, web browsers, emails, and tweets.

Here’s how it starts:

Text from Elizabeth Lavenza to Henry Clerval
10:45 AM

ELIZABETH: Vacation goal: Blast Victor out of the cyberworld & into the real one

HENRY: Not enough dynamite on the planet

ELIZABETH: I hope u r wrong

HENRY: Where r u guys now?

ELIZABETH: Southampton, England

HENRY: Where the Titanic sailed from?

ELIZABETH: Yup. Here’s a painting I just saw in Greenwich Maritime Museum

HENRY: It’s all fun and games till someone loses an…iceberg

ELIZABETH: Ha ha. At least the beginning of THAT cruise was fun